Friday, 1 October 2010

Download Problems (Part 2)

Last post I told the tale of why half my downloaded songs have gone to the great gig in the sky. I also mentioned that I had been forced to buy a selected few again and I’ll bet you were wondering what they were? No? Tough, ‘cause I’m going to tell you anyway. I mean, what are blogs for? In no particular order:

‘It’s My Life’ – No Doubt

Despite liking the classic Talk Talk version the first time around, this is such a great interpretation that I couldn’t resist it. Gwen Stefani’s vocal is spot on and the arrangement, although not much different from the original, just brims with energy. I seem to remember that the video was good too, with Gwen hamming it up as a knife wielding murderess.

‘Light Flight’ – Pentangle

This was the theme to the late 60s TV drama, ‘Take Three Girls’ and is typical of the high profile folk music had around that period. The melody is quite extraordinarily complicated (in a similar vein to Joni Mitchell’s work at that time) and beautifully sung by the hugely under-rated Jacqui McShee. All this against some fine acoustic instrumental backing by Messrs Renbourn, Jansch, Cox and Thompson. Real musicians made music back then. Beards optional.

‘Sail on Sailor’ – The Beach Boys

I’m a Beach Boys fan, but not of their later efforts. This comes from their 1973 album ‘Holland’ and is one of Brian Wilson’s last great songs. Not his best but so simple yet so endearing. I wouldn’t give ‘Holland’ houseroom but can’t live without this one. Those effortless harmonies on the bridge get me every time.

‘The Fear’ – Lily Allen

Buying this song saves me from having to buy yet another unwanted album, which all told, is what downloading is all about. I do rate this song with its knowing lyric and soaring chorus but would hate to have to buy the entire (and almost inevitably disappointing) album just to get it. Technology has some benefits after all.

‘Wild Horses’ – The Sundays

The Sundays’ somewhat bleak guitar, bass & drums style suits this Jagger/Richards song perfectly. Harriet Wheeler’s vocal is a little stained but somehow this only adds to the yearning quality. I still can’t separate it from its use in the emotionally charged final moments of the ‘The Prom’ (BtVS Ep20, Season 3)…sniff.

‘Everything I Wanted’ – The Bangles

In a move not seen since the 1960s, this single release was not included on a Bangles album, but only collected on their ‘Greatest Hits’ release – hence this purchase. Another adrenaline fuelled 4 minutes punctuated by a stunning a Capella middle section. Love them.

So that’s it. These are the thoughts that led to my paying another 89 pence each for the downloads. Last of the big spenders, eh?


luminous muse said...

1. Yeah, love the song and version.
2. I know everyone loves them, but I never quite got them.
3. I believe you're right. Brian's last great one.
4. This is the first thing by Lily Allen I've liked
5. Nice version of one of my favorite Stones' songs. I sang it myself for the first time in about 25 years - remembered almost all the words. (And whether you can sing or not, which I barley can any more, it's a most satisfying experience.)
6. Yes! More Bangles!

music obsessive said...

Hi Luminous
1. Glad to hear it. One of my al-time favs.
2. Love this song, but not much else - hence download rather than the whole of 'Basket of Light'.
3. Such a shame about Brian. He never really recovered but is still the last bother standing. How does that work?
4. Liked the first album but interest waned by the time this came out. The best off the second by some margin.
5. Must give it a try, but it affects me emotionally (damn Buffy) so I'll probably not get far.
6. Exactly. Where is that new album promised back end of last year?

Perplexio said...

1. I didn't mind the song when it first came out, but on this side of the pond it got overplayed on the radio and I usually change stations when I hear it now.
2. Not at all familiar, so no comment.
3. Having heard Brian, Carl, and Dennis's solo material. I thought Dennis had the greatest potential. I love Pacific Ocean Blue far more than any of Brian's solo material (except for the long overdue SMiLE) and certainly more than Carl's solo work which excelled only in its mediocrity. The only memorable song from his 2 solo albums was Heaven. He did much better on his posthumously released collaboration with Robert Lamm of Chicago and Gerry Beckley of America.

music obsessive said...

Hi Perplexio
1. Don't you just hate it when something gets saturation play? Luckily not the case over here.
2. Try Youtube - there's a nice live version on it somewhere. Great tune.
3. Solo albums...hmm. Sometimes the whole is better than the parts. Susannah Hoff's solo stuff wasn't up to much either (see 6)!

Perplexio said...

In the case of Dennis Wilson, his solo material actually was superior to HIS material with the Beach Boys. Other than Forever I don't think the Beach Boys ever let Dennis really stretch out. He was under-utilized in the band. While his solo album isn't as good as the Beach Boys in general it's far superior to his contributions to the Beach Boys specifically... if that makes any sense.