Saturday, 3 May 2008

Bits of News

Just a short post to distribute a few bits of unconnected news:

This is the first anniversary of this Blog! When I nervously put up the first post last May, I never expected to be still doing it a year later but it has now become part of my life and I’m not sure I can stop now. Originally, I posted about once a fortnight as I was scared stiff that I would run out of things to say, but the frequency of posts has gradually increased to about once every 5 days. If the gap gets any smaller, I may have to give up work! A big thank you to everybody who has dropped by to read or leave comments – much appreciated.

As you probably know, I am a big fan of the 1970s band Fanny and for all you Fanny fans out there, you should know that their website has had a bit of a makeover and now contains more video and images as well as a piece by yours truly entitled ‘A Fan’s View’. There is also a link to a new Forum ( where fans can chat about all things Fanny. And about time too.

You may have noticed that I have added a new-style BlogList to the right sidebar (towards the bottom) which shows a snippet of what’s going on at my fave blogs. This gadget is currently in what Blogger calls ‘Draft’ status – that is, it doesn’t quite work properly. I have noticed that it doesn’t always update and that sometimes it brings back spurious data, or no data at all (Sorry Tr1-Guy) but I’ve left it in any way as it’s quite neat! If you are a blog owner and wish yours to be removed from the list, please let me know.


Charlie said...

Happy Anniversary & Congratulations on your fine blog.


Jayne Ferst said...

Happy Blog Birthday! A year already, eh? I do enjoy reading your blog - am being introduced to a nice range of musicians that I probably would never have stumbled across otherwise. And some of them I even like :)

musicobsessive said...

Jayne - What?? You like them! I'd better start going on about some obscure and unlistenable Indie bands - we can't have people liking them. Nevertheless thanks for the comment - I hope I can keep up the good tips.

Charlie - Thanks for your kind comments too. I hope you don't like all my tips otherwise my reputation as an obscurist will be in tatters!