Friday, 23 October 2009

Real Late Starter

I never really like to say what my favourite music is as a) it seems an admission of limiting choice and b) it changes from day to day and year to year but if trapped in a corner and threatened with all manner of unsavoury things, I would be forced to admit that the three areas of interest that have served me well are; Progrock, indie bands and female singers. And if you can find any hybrids of all three please let me know.

The problem with the current female singer market is that it is a touch oversubscribed just at the moment, what with Little Boots, La Roux, Lady Gaga, Florence and the machine, Bat for Lashes and err…Cheryl Cole all vying for attention. So the reappearance of sprightly contender, Nerina Pallot may just be a camel and straws situation if it wasn’t for the fact that she is not just another female singer songwriter.

Pallot’s USP is that she brings a bit of the exotic to the table. Born in London of French and Indian parentage but brought up in the Channel Islands, she has a quirky cosmopolitan aura that I find highly attractive and never more so than on her previous CD, ‘Fires’ back in 2005. So news that her new release ‘The Graduate’ is now available prefaced by the single ‘Real Late Starter’ is still welcome despite the rather crowded market place.

Instead of trying to describe her style, I have constructed a Warminger Pie Chart (pat pending) from which you will note that she marries the manic energy of Alanis Morrisette with the fly-away voice of Joni Mitchell whilst creating some distinctly pop/jazz Steely Dan style pop with a touch of Aimee Mann. Also, she is a talented piano player and I just love it when those who call themselves musicians are just that. Two fingered synth playing doesn’t really count.

I have yet to hear the whole album as it has not yet appeared on Spotify, but if the single is anything to go by it should be another great listen. Some of the new songs are available to hear in ‘work in progress’ mode over on YouTube. This seems to be something that many artists are doing to increase their exposure and which I quite like as it puts the listener in direct touch with the artist rather than waiting for news via third parties.

Check out the kooky video for ‘Real Late Starter’ as it is a real hoot and may touch a nerve for some of us…

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