Sunday, 12 April 2009

The Return of Spandau Ballet

GOLD! Duh duh da da da da da dar...You’re indestructible, ALWAYS BELIEVING!

Guess what? Following in the dainty footsteps of just about the entire music industry excluding the Rolling Stones who never split in the first place, Spandau Ballet have put aside their differences and reformed to create more, art. In true poptastic style they chose to announce this little venture, a series of UK dates starting in the autumn, from the deck of HMS Belfast, currently moored in the Thames near London Bridge. Quite why, no one knows. Excuse me if I’m not overcome with expectation but the Spandaus were never one of my favourite New Romantics, I was always more of a Duran Duran man myself so count me out when the tickets go on sale.

That’s always assuming they haven’t split up again before the tour actually starts. After all, their history is splattered with internal strife, musical differences, court cases and general fallings out so the possibility is not outrageous. Nevertheless, for the time being, it seems that time has healed all and Tony Hadley, the acting Kemp brothers and the other two are bestest mates again. Would you believe it? Yes, it’s...TRUE, da da etc.

Seeing as the Durannies are fresh from their own reunion a few years back perhaps we could see a New Romantic Revival tour, assuming Boy George can get early Parole. Either that or they’d have to do the whole show from Newmarket Clink in a Johnny Cash sort of way. Wonder if they allow girls’ blouses in there?

In retrospect, what a strange period the early 1980s was. Perhaps it was a direct reaction to the ‘ugliness’ of the preceding punk years but dressing with abandoned flamboyance was always destined to be frowned upon in future annuals of the history of pop. Personally, I was always more interested in the continuance of the New Wave as exemplified by XTC and the emergence of electro-pop as essayed by Human league, Depeche Mode and early Eurythmics so didn’t have much time for this lot.

Still, rifling through my LP collection I see that I actually own a copy of their ‘Parade’ album from 1984 which has neither ‘Gold’ nor ‘True’ on it, but does have ‘Only When You Leave’ as its opener, the sort of tune decorators whistle tunelessly whilst painting your spare bedroom. No wonder I don’t really remember them with any fondness. Sorry guys.

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