Wednesday, 15 October 2008

White Wedding

To date in my long career as a certified, I have been known on occasion to buy one or two LP/CDs. In fact, if truth be told, it is probably closer to one or two hundred and not far short of one or two thousand and it would be safe to say that I enjoy listening to the majority of them. Of course, there is a small proportion that represent mistakes that never get played, but as a rule, I have a copy of all my favourite songs. However, it struck me the other day that there are many albums or individual songs that I like immensely but yet I have never owned.

One song that immediately springs to mind is ‘White Wedding’ by peroxide blonde, Billy Idol. I love ‘White Wedding’ but have never owned a copy of it and am at a loss to explain why. It is all the more strange because my first inkling of the late seventies punk invasion was carried my way by Idol’s band, Generation X and their debut single ‘Your Generation’, a rumbustious anthem which renewed my interest in the singles market after years of ‘albums only’ mentality. I actually snuck out and purchased a seven-inch picture sleeved vinyl copy of ‘Your Generation’ and hid it from my earnest music peers which is why I still have it today. I saw Generation X play live twice – once at the cramped, sweaty and now defunct Marquee Club in London – but somehow never got around to buying anything else from the Idol stable, including his subsequent solo releases. Why does this happen?

Could it be that I have the attention span of a goldfish (allegedly)? Well, this is always a possibility, as the late 70s and early 80s was a golden time for me when my LP buying rate went through the roof on the back of my first proper employment and a multitude of great product to choose from. During this heady period of solvency linked to the delights of Punk, New Wave and New Romanticism, I was bit like a child in a sweetshop, scampering backwards and forwards from one counter to the next. Much of the stuff I bought generally didn’t get the attention it deserved and much was ignored altogether especially by 1985 when the feeding frenzy was sated and ‘White Wedding’ appeared.

But the more I think about it, the more there are; ‘Whiter Shade of Pale’ is another song that I don’t own and if I thought harder, I’m sure there are others.

Anybody else got any favourite songs that they never bought?


Jeff said...

Hey, I really like your blog, you have some great stuff on here. Anyway, there are so many moments when I look on my IPod and notice that a song I feel like listening to is absent from the list. Typically it's an individual song released from a band which I don't necessarily like too much to prompt me to purchase their albums. None are coming to mind right now, but I can assure you there are many.

musicobsessive said...

Hey Jeff - thank you for your kind words! You're quite right, in days gone by, it really didn't make any sense to spend money on bands you didn't like just to get hold of one song - which is why some favourites of mine are missing. These days with MP3 downloads, there is no such excuse. I'd better go and buy all those missing songs now!

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Ok how weird is this....White Wedding (the video) is playing on my TV at this moment. So here I am watching the sneering Mr. Idol and reading about him at the same time. Kinda cool. Its a very catchy tune.

I am frustrated with my iPod latley, not the lack of songs but the lack of ease in managing the music I have.

musicobsessive said...

Hi Barb - Spooky!

You're right. Trying to organise stuff on a ipod drives me crazy. I tend to do it on my PC where it is much easier and then synchronize.

Either way, it all seems like too much trouble. Once upon a time, we just put an LP on...