Thursday, 13 March 2008

Away with the Angels

Dear Marge

I am writing to you as I consider you to be my last hope. You see, I need advice badly and there is no one else who would understand. The problem is that there is a certain woman that I have admired from afar for what seems all my life and frankly, I don’t know what to do about it. Is it too late?

I first came across her on children’s television when I was only 11 but being somewhat older than me and living such a sophisticated and glamorous lifestyle, I knew she would never look at me, a mere boy. You see, she flew a gleaming white fighter jet and worked for a global security organisation and to an 11 year old you can’t get better than that. Of course, in those days she was a little wooden and barely showed any emotion at all so it was difficult to know what she was thinking. Also, she didn’t say much except to accept and confirm orders from some white-haired old chap in her sexy French accent.

However, as I grew older she faded from my life and we lost touch but you never forget your first love, do you? Sure enough, we bumped into each other again just recently as DVDs of her new updated CGI adventures have been released and it’s as if we’d never been apart. Funnily enough, she doesn’t seem to have aged a single day but now she has blossomed from that rigid character of old to a free moving, free speaking spirit, dressed in her usual skin-tight white/silver jumpsuit and flying helmet. Clearly, years of working in a global environment has caused her to lose her French accent, but hey. It seems like her mentor, Uncle Gerry has guided her well over the years and is to be applauded for her transformation to the fully fleshed out woman she is today. In fact she seems to have rounded out in more ways than one. Lara Croft eat your heart out!

Although still working for the same firm, she now not only leads the fighter pilot team, but involves herself in the combat side of the organisation and it is here that there may be a fly in the ointment. I have noticed that she seems quite keen on one of her fellow operatives, a fellow going by the codename of Scarlet.

So here is my dilemma, Marge. Will a woman such as her with a high profile career ever look at me? Does she hold a torch for this other bloke? Is it normal to fancy a virtual woman? I await your advice with breathless anticipation.

Oh, her name? It’s Destiny. Destiny Angel.

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