Thursday, 3 January 2008


Well what a start to the New Year!

Those who know me will understand that I was more than a little cut up when my all-time favourite band, Lush, understandably split up in 1996 following the suicide of their drummer. Out of the ashes of Lush, guitarist Emma Anderson teamed up with singer Lisa O’Neil to form Sing-Sing which, over the last 10 years, has produced two excellent albums, ‘The Joy of Sing-Sing’ and ‘Sing-Sing and I’, on a sort of DIY basis whilst relying on fan donations for finance. See Video of 'Feels Like Summer' below for a good example of their work.

I have just received their New Year newsletter which informs me that they are throwing in the towel owing to a combination of babies and getting a proper job. I suppose the allure of living on bread and cheese for your art begins to pall once you are past 40. So I am bereaved again. Sob!

For those interested, they are selling off their albums for £1.96 each until the 18th of January from their

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